While NHS services are provided free of charge to patients, there are some services that command a fee as they are not available or funded by the NHS; these services are referred to as non-NHS services. GPs do not have to carry out non-NHS work on behalf of their patients. Their priority will always be the provision of safe and effective care to their patients, funded by the NHS.

When your doctor is asked to give medical information about you in the form of a report, letter or certificate, the request kick starts a series of processes. This takes time and is not always straightforward or simple to complete. Some of the information is not available easily and will mean the doctor has to sort and select the right information for the request.

We receive a large amount of requests, varying in complexity from signing a certificate to an in-depth report with an examination, which attract different charges. Our team will advise patients when services attract a fee e.g. certificates and reports for insurance companies.