You Can Make a Difference to Healthcare in Central Cheshire

You Can Make a Difference to Healthcare in Central Cheshire

The Mayor of Crewe, Councillor Marilyn Houston, is the first volunteer to sign up as a ‘VIP’ with the NHS South Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), helping to make a difference to healthcare in the area.

The Volunteers in Participation (VIP) programme is about ensuring that the voices of local people are heard and help to influence the work done by the CCG to shape the healthcare system.

Noreen Caldwell, Public Engagement and Involvement Manager at NHS South Cheshire CCG, said: “We’re proud and thankful that the Mayor has signed up to be one of our volunteers.

“It’s really important that we get as many people as possible to take part. VIPs will be essential in making sure that everyone’s views are taken into account when the CCG is making decisions about future healthcare services.”

Launched this month, VIPs can choose how involved they are, with the potential to take part in focus groups or be out and about talking to people in the local community about the progress being made.

There is also the chance to complete online surveys.

If you want to get involved, just click here for more information.

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